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How to Find a Freelance Photographer Online

Curious how to use the Paxxie app to find a freelance photographer online? The process is simple!

How to Use Paxxie: Choose a Talent

Step 1: Choose a Talent

Finding a photographer in Paxxie is easy! Simply follow these steps:

  • Choose shoot type

  • Browse through photographers

  • Select one you like

  • Check their availability

How to Use Paxxie: Book Your Event

Step 2: Book Your Event

Once you find a talent you like, you can directly request a booking through the app. Please use the additional details section to list expectations and specify any special accommodations. Be sure that your event date and time is correct! There are strict limitations for adjusting the event schedule, which is addressed in our Client FAQs.

After creating a booking request, you may reach out to the talent by starting a conversation.

How to Use Paxxie: Confirm & Pay

Step 3: Confirm & Pay

Your photographer has to approve your booking. Most talents respond to requests within a few hours. They may attempt to message you through the app to clarify details prior to accepting the booking.

Once they have confirmed the event, you’ll receive an email and your payment will be processed. Congrats, you’ve just booked your first Paxxie talent!

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