what is paxxie?

paxxie is an app that allows you to capture unforgettable experiences and moments. with paxxie, you can access a community of talents to book a photographer, a videographer, a drone or just get someone with a phone to take pictures of you! be the star of your story or simply help someone capture their story and get paid. 

what kind of content do you provide?

photos, videos and live feed/streaming

what types of photography/videography do you offer?

our talents specialize in birthdays, parties, newborn, wedding, product, fashion, food, maternity, real estate, travel, live feed, etc. you can find the complete list here.

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how many photos/videos do I get?

when making your booking request, specify the minimum number of photos and/or videos (edited vs. unedited) you want at the time of the booking.

will my photos/videos be edited?

some talents offer editing while some do not. most of them note this on their profile. feel free to indicate your editing needs on your booking request so your talent knows your requirements before accepting the booking.

how do I look for talent?

use 'explore' to search by your event location or type of shoot. use 'search' if you want to use more search filters like hourly rate, experience, delivery time, etc.

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why join paxxie?

be your own boss. do something you love. help others capture their special moments so they can be present.

can anyone become talent?

besides a camera (this can be a phone camera, DSLR, point and shoot, camcorder, drone, etc), you must have a passion for capturing special moments.

how do I sign up?

download the app. after creating an account, go to profile and click on talent profile tab (or click on create talent profile on hamburger menu). to create a talent profile, you will need to upload a minimum of 5 photos/videos into your portfolio but MORE is better! we request that you tag all your photos. in "about my work", talk about your style (i.e. natural vs. posed), your personality and work ethic, specify if you do or do not offer editing, etc. check out our tips for talent! after you create a talent profile, you must be approved by paxxie before your profile is active and visible to clients.  

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