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Your talent profile is how your clients discover and book you as a Paxxie Talent. Optimizing your profile is the best way to find business through our app.

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Paxxie offers a flexible, talent-driven approach to content delivery.

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No more awkward conversations, invoice hassle, or chasing after clients for payment.

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We understand that professionals get busy. Paxxie outlines clear terms for your availability.


talent profile

Can anyone become talent?

Talent must be 18 years of age or older to sign up for Paxxie, and they must upload a valid photo ID. A government ID helps us keep our clients and talent community secure, build trust in us and fight fraud. This helps us make sure you're really you!

How do I sign up?

Download the app. After creating an account, go to profile and click on talent profile tab (or click on create talent profile on hamburger menu). To create a talent profile, you will need to upload a minimum of 5 photos/videos into your portfolio, but MORE is better! We request that you tag all your photos. In "about my work", talk about your style (i.e. natural vs. posed), your personality and work ethic, specify if you do or do not offer editing, etc. check out our tips for talent! After you create a talent profile, you must be approved by Paxxie before your profile is active and visible to clients.

What is the recommended resolution when uploading to the portfolio album?

Upload photos that are at least 1242 * 2208px. When in doubt, a bigger photo is better. Take your photos in landscape format. Photos in search results are all displayed in landscape, so vertical photos won’t display as well. If your photos are not stored on your phone, you can also use our talent web portal to manage your portfolio album.

What if I don't have my photos on my phone?

We are working a web solution for creating your talent profile. In the meantime, create a talent profile on the app and upload any 5 photos. Then use our web talent portal to upload photos from your laptop! To login, use the same email and password you used for the app. Watch our quick web portfolio tutorial. You cannot log into the web talent portal without creating a talent profile on the app first.

Are there photo restrictions?

We do not accept portfolio or profile photos with your contact information or watermark. During regular audits of talent profiles, they will be removed from your profile.

I can't upload videos longer than 13 seconds. How do I showcase my work?

Please contact us with your YouTube channel and we will add it to your profile.

What is tagging and how do I do it?

Clients search for Paxxie talent based on what type of event they’re hiring for. We use tagging to display relevant categorized results. We recommend at least 5 photos tagged per shoot type. Each photo can have multiple tags. You can tag, upload, reorder and delete your photos via the app or the web talent portal. Watch our quick tutorials here: app portfolio or web portfolio.

What do I use for delivery time?

It depends how quickly you can deliver the photos/videos to your client. Instant means you will upload them within an hour after event end date. You can use the in-app camera feature and upload each photo/video immediately to the event album. You can also use airdrop on your iPhone if your client will allow it.

How do you classify amateur, semi-pro and pro?

  • Amateur: Enthusiastic about photography
  • Semi Pro: Portion of income from photography
  • Pro: This is your main profession

Do you have a recommended hourly rate?

You will see the recommended hourly rate based on the experience level once you start creating a talent profile.

When is my talent profile visible to others?

You must be approved and visible to be an active talent. To check your approval request, go to profile, click on settings gear on the top right corner, select approval status. All requirements on the bottom section - uploaded profile picture and phone verification - must be checked. When you complete this step, Paxxie will get your approval request and we will notify you within 48 hours (although we try to reply within a few hours). When we approve you as a talent, we also make you visible to clients. The information you provide is governed by our Privacy Policy. We won't share any document or personal details you provide.

I got notified that I was approved but I can't search for myself.

You are visible to everyone else but yourself. If you would like to search for yourself, please log out first.

delivering content

How do I deliver content to the client?

Talents have 3 options to deliver clients their content, and this must be agreed upon between the two parties prior to event.
Option 1: Talents can upload the content to a cloud storage (Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, Flickr) and share the external link(s) with their client using the Notify Client button on event detail.

Option 2: Talents can upload to the app event album, which has an easy share/download feature and will have additional add-ons in the future:

  • On event detail, use the in-app camera which uploads the photo/video immediately
  • On event detail, use the "upload" icon to transfer the photos/videos from your phone to the album
  • Use the talent web portal to upload photos/videos from your laptop or desktop. Heres a quick web event tutorial
  • On event detail, click on the Notify Client button to let your client know that their album is ready.

Option 3: Talents also have the option to AirDrop (especially for videos > 13 seconds) the contents directly to their clients.

Do I need to edit the photos/videos?

That will be up to you if you'd like to offer edited content. Please note it on your talent profile under "about my work" if you do.

How can I edit the photos/videos?

There are a couple of ways to do this. You can edit with your phone camera before uploading to the event album or you can download them to your laptop/desktop, use any editing tool of your choice, then either upload via the talent web portal or to your desired cloud storage. Do or do not. It would be ideal but some clients may not require it.

When do I have to upload the photos/videos?

Please upload the photos/videos by the specified delivery time of the event. If delivery time is "instant", you should upload them within an hour of your event end time or during the event as you are shooting.

What does "talent profile visible" mean?

If this is turned on, your profile is visible to clients who are searching or exploring the app for potential events. If this is turned off, you are not searchable and cannot be booked for future events. However, your profile is still viewable to clients who has a future/past booking with you.


When do I get paid?

You must use the Notify Client button on event detail to deliver content to your client. We will remit payment within 24 hours after the client is notified.

How do I get paid?

Please enter your Venmo information by logging into the app, click on profile, go to talent profile tab, click on the gear on the top right, go to payout method. we are looking at adding another payout method in the future.

What if I only offer half or full day rates?

No problem! Talent specifies their minimum required booking time in their profile. For example, if you charge $500 per half day, enter $125 as your hourly rate and select 4 hours as your minimum booking time.

What is the service fee?

The sliding service fee is subtracted from your hourly rate. We show the take-home rate when you set your hourly rate. This is retained by Paxxie and used to address the app and website operating costs, customer support and processing fees. You will be notified if the service fee % changes.

Will I receive a tax form?

Talent who have earned $600 or more in the calendar year will receive a form 1099-misc.

booking events

Why do I get multiple booking requests that overlap?

Your calendar is blocked after you accept a booking. When you accept one, you will get an error if you try to accept another booking that has a conflict.

What happens after I get a booking?

Go to your calendar and block it for travel time prior and after the event. Say hello to your client via the send message or call icon under Events. Confirm the event address, ask any questions about the event details and expectations, etc.

How many photos/videos do I need to take?

The client may specify the minimum number of photos and/or videos they want at the time of booking. If they do not, send them a quick message via the chat feature or discuss it with them before accepting the booking.

An emergency came up. How do I cancel an event?

Upon event booking acceptance, unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel through the app. Please contact us with the event details and the reason for the cancellation.

How do I block out my calendar?

From your talent profile, click on your calendar and click on the plus (+) icon on the top right corner to add an unavailability event. This blocks your calendar and the reason is not visible to others. You can use this to block chunks of time for travel, scheduling conflicts or even multi-day vacation. Manage your own schedule as you wish!

My camera broke. How do I deactivate my profile until I get it repaired/replaced?

On your talent profile, toggle "make talent profile visible" off.


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