what is paxxie?

paxxie is an app that allows you to capture unforgettable experiences and moments. with paxxie, you can access a community of talents to book a photographer, a videographer, a drone or just get someone with a phone to take pictures of you! be the star of your story or simply help someone capture their story and get paid.

what kind of content do you provide?

photos, videos and live feed/streaming

what types of photography/videography do you offer?

our talents specialize in birthdays, parties, newborn, wedding, product, fashion, food, maternity, real estate, travel, live feed, etc. you can find the complete list here.

but i don't have an iphone!

we are planning to launch an android version hopefully by end of the year!

what is "instant" delivery time?

this means that the talent will do one of the following: use the in-app camera to shoot and immediately upload to the album, use the airdrop feature on the iphone right after the event or deliver your photos/videos within an hour after the event end time.

how is content delivered to the client?

talents have 3 options to deliver clients their content, and must be agreed upon between the two parties prior to event.

  1. talents can upload all their photos onto the event album within the app. it has an easy share/download feature and will have additional add-ons in the future.
  2. talents also have the option to upload the content to a cloud storage (google drive, wetransfer, dropbox, flickr) and share the link with their client.
  3. talents also have the option to airdrop (especially for videos > 13 seconds) the contents directly to their clients.

what is a "live feed"?

talent can use facetime, whatsapp, skype, fb messenger, ig or fb live, or other applications to document events as they are happening right there and then. this is great if you want to be somewhere but you can't make it. let’s say you cannot attend your son's basketball finals because you are traveling for work or aren't feeling well, or if grandma cannot travel to a destination wedding. no problem - we can live feed with you so it feels like you are there and don’t miss a single second! for live streaming, we have some talent with the works - professional video camera, tripod and encoding device. client is responsible for making sure that the talent is allowed to provide this service at the event location.

who owns the copyright?

talent will hold all ownership of their content. upon completion of any booking, talent provides the client with exclusive use of the content created from the booking. 

how do we change password?

please use the forgot password feature.

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