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Booking Events as a Freelance Photographer

We understand that professionals get busy. When booking events as a freelance photographer, Paxxie outlines clear terms for your availability.

Why do I get multiple booking requests that overlap?

Your calendar is blocked after you accept a booking. When you accept one, you will get an error if you try to accept another booking that has a conflict.

What happens after I get a booking?

Go to your calendar and block it for travel time prior and after the event. Reach out to the client and say hello. Confirm the event address, ask any questions about the event details and expectations, etc.

How many photos/videos do I need to take?

The client may specify the minimum number of photos and/or videos they want at the time of booking. If they do not, send them a quick message via the chat feature or discuss it with them before accepting the booking.

An emergency came up. How do I cancel an event?

Upon event booking acceptance, unfortunately, it is not possible to cancel through the app. Please contact us with the event details and the reason for the cancellation.

How do I block out my calendar?

From your talent profile, click on your calendar and click on the plus (+) icon on the top right corner to add an unavailability event. This blocks your calendar and the reason is not visible to others. You can use this to block chunks of time for travel, scheduling conflicts or even multi-day vacation. Manage your own schedule as you wish!

My camera broke. How do I deactivate my profile until I get it repaired/replaced?

On your talent profile, toggle "make talent profile visible" off.

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