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Collect Payment for Freelance Photography

No more awkward conversations, invoice hassle, or chasing after clients for payment. Paxxie helps you collect payment for freelance photography within the app.

When do I get paid?

Upon successful delivery of content, we will remit payment 24 hours after the event delivery time (instant or 1 hour, 24 hours, 3 days or 1 week after event end).

How do I get paid?

Please enter your Venmo information by logging into the app, click on profile, go to talent profile tab, click on the gear on the top right, go to payout method. we are looking at adding another payout method in the future.

What if I only offer half or full day rates?

No problem! Talent specifies their minimum required booking time in their profile. For example, if you charge $500 per half day, enter $125 as your hourly rate and select 4 hours as your minimum booking time.

What is the service fee?

The sliding service fee is subtracted from your hourly rate. We show the take-home rate when you set your hourly rate. This is retained by Paxxie and used to address the app and website operating costs, customer support and processing fees. You will be notified if the service fee % changes.

Will I receive a tax form?

Talent who have earned $600 or more in the calendar year will receive a form 1099-misc.

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