delivering content to clients

Paxxie offers a flexible, talent-driven approach to delivering content to clients.

Delivering Content to Clients

How do I deliver content to the client?

Talents have 3 options to deliver clients their content, and this must be agreed upon between the two parties prior to event.

  1. Talents can upload the content to a cloud storage (Google Drive, WeTransfer, Dropbox, Flickr) and share the external link(s) with their client using the Notify Client button on event detail.

  2. Talents can upload to the app event album, which has an easy share/download feature and will have additional add-ons in the future:

    • On event detail, use the in-app camera which uploads the photo/video immediately

    • On event detail, use the "upload" icon to transfer the photos/videos from your phone to the album

    • Use the talent web portal to upload photos/videos from your laptop or desktop

    • On event detail, click on Notify Client button to let your clients know their album is ready

  3. Talents also have the option to AirDrop (especially for videos > 13 seconds) the contents directly to their clients.

Do I need to edit the photos/videos?

That will be up to you if you'd like to offer edited content. Please note it on your talent profile under "about my work" if you

How can I edit the photos/videos?

There are a couple of ways to do this. You can edit with your phone camera before uploading to the event album or you can download them to your laptop/desktop, use any editing tool of your choice, then either upload via the talent web portal or to your desired cloud storage.

Do or do not. It would be ideal but some clients may not require it.

When do I have to upload the photos/videos?

Please upload the photos/videos by the specified delivery time of the event. If delivery time is "instant", you should upload them within an hour of your event end time or during the event as you are shooting.

What does "talent profile visible" mean?

If this is turned on, your profile is visible to clients who are searching or exploring the app for potential events. If this is turned off, you are not searchable and cannot be booked for future events. However, your profile is still viewable to clients who has a future/past booking with you.

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